Guru Brihaspati became Margie, till July 2021, 5 zodiacs progressed in money business

 Guru Brihaspati became Margie, till July 2021, 5 zodiacs progressed in money business

Guru Brihaspati became Margie, till July 2021, 5 zodiacs progressed in money business

Aries (Chu, Che, Cho, La, Lee, Lu, Le, Lo, A) 

 Today, you are getting the benefit of accidental benefits. But today due to someone's dissatisfaction in the family, there will be mental distress throughout the day. A member of the family may bother about unethical demands. Today your work style will be slow but you will be sure of your promise. Your image on the public sector will be honest and intelligent. Today you will be interested in doing more profitable work in less time on the work area. But lack of money or cooperation will delay its completion. The completion of any old work around the evening will result in economic benefits, the paths of profit will also open for the near future. People associated with intellectual work will get success in their work. Family happiness will be good after completing the evening after evening. They will not care even if they are a little soft in health. 

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 Taurus (e, oo, a, o, wa, v, wu, way, that) 

Today will be a day of special effort for you, even if you do not mind, you will be irritable in nature by coming together with domestic work for several days. Today, because of increasing competition on the work area, your day will be struggling. Try to do your own work today. Overconfidence will harm anyone. Due to governmental irregularities related to real estate work, anger will remain on incomplete. There are also chances of accidental accidents such as possible halted vehicles, be alert of water. Ignorance of family will lead to a slight roughage in behavior. Health will remain soft for some reason today.

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Gemini (ka, ki, ku, d,,, g, k, ko, ha) 

 On this day you will be in a mood of fun, but your nature will be inconvenienced by changing your nature moment by moment. There will be an opportunity to attend religious events also on postponement. Work that should not be done on the field of work, you will earn profit from your intellect by doing the same work. I will take advantage of illegitimate because of having a very emotional relationship with family. At the time of evening any wish will be fulfilled, health will be almost right.

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 Cancer (Hee, Hu, Hee, Ho, Da, Dee, Doo, Dey, Doe) 

 You will have to face adverse situations today. Today, due to lack of enjoyment and elation in you, you will not feel at work, due to any wrong decision taken earlier, there is a possibility of loss today, it will be better to avoid taking any decision today. Excessive expenditure will affect the economic situation. There may be a dispute regarding money from a family. There can be a situation of taking a loan. Avoid excessive anger, especially to give respect to women, otherwise there may be loss of value. There will be some decrease in health too. Don't take risks. 


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Singh (Ma, Me, Moo, May, Mo, Ta, Te, To, Te) 

You will spend the day happily and peacefully and will form the beginning of a new work, but today you will forget in the middle due to laziness. Today will give less time on work area than other days, but there will be satisfaction on receipt of old stagnant money, there will also be issues related to getting involved with someone peacefully. We will spend time with friends in entertainment. Solving family differences will provide relief. You will get the support of women and children. Asymmetric food can cause stomach upset. Tourist travel totals

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Virgo (toe, pa, p, po, sh, n, th, pe, po) 

Today is going to give you auspicious results. Today, you can win the heart of anyone with your tactful skills. Today, any desire going on in the mind will increase the enthusiasm, but due to incomplete government or real estate documents and the house environment will suddenly cause some problems. Investments made today in the business will be beneficial for the future. The later evening will be more interesting than the day, but there will be entertainment opportunities with friends and family, but there will also be more decline in accumulated funds. Even after getting all the facilities, in the end you will experience some or the other.

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Libra (Ra, Ri, Ru, Re, Ro, Ta, Ti, Tu, Te) 

You will see a lot of change in your nature and behavior on this day. We will also surprise the family for some time. Today, you will be ready to cooperate with others and other philanthropy works, except for personal interests. People who speak against you will also praise your specific work today. He will also keep in touch with specific people on the strength of his practice in the field of work and social sector. But today, in terms of employment, it will lag behind other colleagues. There will be some problem in whatever work you do. Due to which the flow of money will be delayed for the future. The amount of money that will benefit will be less in view of expenses. There will be pleasant experiences in marriage and family life. There may be bladder or other latent diseases. 

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Scorpio (So, Na, Ni, Nu, Ne, No, Ya, Yi, Yu)

Today, some physical pain will remain throughout the day. Previous carelessness in health will also cause physical cold. Although there will not be the ability to do hard work, yet you will have to run a little after seeing the circumstances. Avoid taking any kind of risk, physical and financial. Normal business will remain on the field, there will also be a lot of profit opportunities, but due to the high competition, work will have to be made by giving away. Inflow of money will be improvised. The burden of not fulfilling the promise made to anyone will be on the mind. There will be references to meet government or political people. Do not keep high expectations from them, it is better if you keep distance. You may have to pay something instead of taking advantage. Property etc. can benefit from the cooperation of a familiar relative. Today, people who are lower than the abdomen will experience inactivity in the organs.

Dhanu (yeh, yo, bha, bhi, bhu, dha, fa, dha, bhe)

Today will be beneficial for you. Today, on the basis of the sweetness and tips of speech, you will make a relationship with the big people, which will prove to be beneficial for you in future, even today, after some trouble in risky work, there will definitely be benefit, but laziness in nature will also be a hindrance at every moment to avoid it. try. Today the inflow of money will be less than other days, yet we will not care about it. Women will be sad today due to the separation of a loved one or due to other reasons, they will also get relief from the support of family members. Health will be good today Keeping an eye on Santano can do something wrong.

Makara (bho, ja, ji, khi, khu, kha, kho, ga, gi)

 Today will be favorable for you, but in the race to show yourself superior in haste or competition from someone, you will become a character of humor and will also do a lot of harm. Today, whatever strategy you make in domestic matters or business, you will have to face some kind of opposition in the beginning. Especially today, you will be able to get your opinion from the little side. But ignore these things somewhere. The idea of ​​selling any ancestral or other property in the family will be formed. But it can also hang if no member's consent is given. There is a fear of damage to the work area around mid-day due to theft or other reasons. Work cautiously There is a possibility of crops in the government confused. Close your eyes and do not trust anyone. Take measures to keep the stomach cool otherwise problems will occur.

Aquarius (Go, Gay, Go, Sa, Si, Soo, Se, So, Da)

Your personality will develop on this day. New experiences will be learned from senior people of the society. There will definitely be a little skirmish in nature, due to which you will not be able to create a rapport with everyone. Today, there will be hindrance in the progress of the natives and children associated with the field of spirituality or education, do not get discouraged; The situation of work business will remain the same, due to wrong guidance of people at the beginning of any major scheme, direction will lead to confusion. Advice of family members will definitely work here. After mid-day, there will be an influx of money due to the construction of some works. Today investing in lottery betting or other risky work can be profitable in the near future. Can also invest in other works. But do not expect immediate benefits, due to the boisterous habit of a family, the atmosphere will be warm for some time, you will also get happiness. Fear of bone related problem or injury from falling etc.

Pisces (Di, Du, Th, Jh, J, De, Do, Cha, Chi)

On this day you will have to face unfavorable conditions at home and work. In the early part of the day, there will be a slight softness in health due to which daily work will be delayed. Use speech wisely at home and work area today, careless things spoken in front of you will cause problems, which can cause obstacles in any work. Today, do not start any new work related to education, mother, animal husbandry, agricultural work, wealth building, otherwise money loss will also cause mental distress. The amount of money from the work area will be much slower than the expenditure, the more money you earn from trade-business will be spent in other works immediately. There will continue to be small fights in the family. Household members will try to show themselves better than one another. Diseases related to throat can be disturbing.


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