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the Most Motivational Inspirational Short Stories Of Jupiter.

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the Most Motivational Inspirational Short Stories Of Jupiter.
the Most Motivational Inspirational Short Stories Of Jupiter.

Motivational Inspirational Short StoriesThere Used to Be a Moneylender in a Village, Whose House Was Not Short of Food, Clothing, and Money, but Its Stratagem Was Very Miserly. Never Gives Anything to a Monk, the Whole Day Would Be Engaged in Household Chores. at One Time, a Sage Mahatma Came to His Door on Thursday and at the Same Time, a Woman Seeking Alms Was Leaping into the Courtyard of the House. for This Reason, Sadhu Maharaj, I Am Currently Leaping. Can't Give You Anything Then Come During Some Holiday. the Sage Mahatma Went Away Empty-Handed. After a Few Days, the Same Sadhu Maharaj Came and Asked for Alms in the Same Way. Sahurani Was Feeding the Boy at That Time. Maharaj, What Should I Do? 

It Is Not a Holiday, So I Cannot Give You Alms. When the Mahatma Came for the Third Time, He Wanted to Avoid It in the Same Way, but Mahatma Ji Started Saying, If You Have a Break at All, Then You Will Beggar Me, Sahukarini Started Saying That Yes Maharaj, If You Do This, You Will Be Very Pleased. Sadhu Mahatma Ji Said That Well I Tell You a Solution. You Woke Up on Daybreak on Thursday and Sweep All Over the House and Keep It in a Corner. Do Not Put a Check in the House, Then Take a Bath, Etc.

 Tell the People of the House, on That Day All Shaving Must Be Done, Make a Kitchen and Put It Behind the Stove, Never Keep It in Front. Light a Lamp After Dark in the Evening and Never Wear Yellow Clothes on Thursday, nor Eat Yellow Colored Food. If You Do This, You Will Not Have to Do Any Household Work. the Moneylender Did the Same. on Thursday, as the Day Progressed, He Took the Broom and Deposited the Garbage in the House Itself. the Men Shaved and After Cooking Food, 

Continued Doing So on Thursday. Now After Some Time, There Was No Grain to Eat in His House. on the Same Day, the Same Mahatma Came Again and Asked for Alms, but Sethani Said That Maharaj Can Not Give Food to My House but What Can You Give Me. Then the Mahatma Said That Even When Everything Was in Your House, You Did Not Give Anything, Now It Is a Complete Holiday. Even Then You Are Not Giving Anything, Say What You Want, Then Sethani Folded Her Hands and Prayed, Maharaja, Now That Such a Solution Should Be Made So That My Money Becomes as Good as Before, Now I Pledge That of Course,

 You, Will, Say the Same Will Do. Then Mahatma Ji Said That Wake Up Early in the Morning and Retire from Bathing Bath, Do Not Make Your House with Cow Dung and Make the Men of the House Shave on Wednesday or Friday, Continue to Burn Food to the Hungry, Burn Lamps Right Evening If You Will So All Your Wishes Will Be Fulfilled by the Grace of Lord Jupiter. Sethani Did the Same and the Money in His House Was the Same as Before. Thus, by the Grace of Lord Brihaspati, She Lived for a Long Time After Suffering Many Pleasures.

the Fruit of This Story of Brihaspati Ji - to Say, to Hear, to Speak Jaikara, to Meditate Is Definitely Received.

 Motivational Inspirational Short Stories Second Story of Thursday Begins.

Motivational Inspirational Short Stories: One Day Indra Was Seated on His Throne with Great Ego. and Many Gods Rishi, Gandharva, Kinnar, Etc. Were Present in the Meeting. at the Time When Jupiter Ji Came There, Everyone Stood Up for His Honor, but Indra Did Not Stand Up for Pride Even Though It Always Respected Him. Jupiter Ji, Considering His Disrespect, Got Up and Left. Then Indra Was Deeply Mourned to See That I Had Disrespected Guruji, I Made a Big Mistake.

 I Have Got This Glory Only with the Blessings of Guruji. All This Will Be Destroyed by Their Anger. Therefore, One Should Ask for Forgiveness from Them. So That Their Anger Can Calm Down and My Welfare Should Be Done. After Thinking About This, Indra Went to His Place, When Jupiter Ji, by His Yoga Force, Realized That Indra Was Coming Here to Ask for Forgiveness, Then It Became Understandable to Meet Him with Anger, Not Consider It Appropriate. When Indra Did Not See Jupiter at Home, He Returned Disappointed. When the King of the Demons Brishavarma Came to Know This News. 

So He Surrounded Indrapuri All the Way Through the Orders of His Guru Shukracharya and Due to Lack of Guru's Grace, the Gods Started Losing and Eating. Then He Graciously Told All the Stories to Brahma Ji and Said That Maharaj Should Somehow Save the Demons. Then Brahma Ji Said That You Have Committed a Big Crime Which Has Made Gurudev Angry, Now Your Welfare Can Be in This

Vishvarupa, the Son of Kivastha Brahmin, Is Very Ascetic and Knowledgeable. If You Become Your Priest Then You Can Be Benefited. on Hearing This Child, Indra Went to the Tshishta and in a Very Polite Gesture Said to Tushtha That You Become Our Priest So That We Are Benefited, Then the Tshshtra Replied That Becoming a Priest, Reduces the Power but You Beg a Lot, So My Son Vishwaroopa Will Protect You by Becoming a Priest. 

Vishwaroopa Became Such a Priest by Obeying His Father That He Had Three Faces of Vishwaroopa Located on His Indrasana by Winning Indra Vrishavarma in a War with His Will. from One Mouth He Used to Drink the Juice of Sompalli Vine, from the Other Mouth He Used to Drink Liquor and from the Third Mouth, He Used to Eat Food Every Day. Indra Said After a Few Days That I Want to Sacrifice with Your Grace. 

When the Yagna Started According to the Knowledge of Vishwaroopa. One Day the Demon Vishwaroopa Said That Your Mother Is the Daughter of the Demon. for This Reason, for the Sake of Our Welfare, Give One Sacrifice in the Name of the Demons, It Is a Very Good Thing. Vishwaroopa Accepted the Monster's Name and Slowly Started Taking the Name of the Monster. for This Reason, by Performing Yajna, 

the Glory of the Gods Did Not Increase. Indra, Knowing This Story, Was Angry and Cut Off All the Three Heads of Vishwaroopa, from a Drinker to Bhanvara Sompalli, from a Pigeon and Food to a Pheasant. with the Death of Vishwaroopa, the Nature of Indra Changed with the Effect of Brahmana. Even After the Gods Repented for One Year, That Sin of Brahmana Was Not Relieved. So on Praying to All the Gods, Brahmaji Along with Jupiter Ji Came There and Did Four Parts of That Brahma Killing and Gave One Part of It to the Earth. for This Reason, at Some Places the Earth Is Not Low and Is Not Even Able to Sow the Seeds, Along with This, Brahma Ji Gave This Boon Where There Will Be a Pit in the Earth. It Will Fill Itself After Getting Some Time. Gave Another to Trees. from Which Gum Flows Out of Them. for This Reason, 

All Gum, Except Googles, Are Considered Impure. Gave the Boon to the Trees That When Dried from Above, the Roots Erupt Again. the Third Part Was Given to Women, That Is Why Women Become Menstrual in the Month of Month, Chandalini on the First Day, Brahmaghatini on the Second Day, and Dhobin on the Third Day and Purifies on the Fourth Day. and Gave Him a Boon to Get Children. the Fourth Part Was Given to Water. Due to Which Fen and Sewage Etc. Come on the Water, It Is a Boon That the Thing in Which Water Will Be Poured Will Increase in Burden. in This Way, the Person Who Reads or Listens to This Story Is Freed from the Sin of Killing Brahma, All His Sins Are Destroyed by the Grace of Jupiter Maharaj...


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